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Chai Hebrew School




Pre- k and K

1st  and 2nd Grade

3rd and 4th Grade

5th and 6th Grade

7th and 8th Grade

  • one Hebrew vocabulary word, starting with each letter of the Hebrew Alpha-Bet
  • Children will learn Hebrew greetings “Shalom” Boker Tov” ect.
  • Hebrew songs


  • Three Hebrew vocabulary words, starting with each letter of the Hebrew Alpha-Bet
  • Hebrew song of the month
  • Hebrew days of the week
  • Hebrew months of the year


Same as 1st and 2nd  grades plus these additions:

  • Pronouns
  • Prefixes
  • Small sentences
  • Hebrew grammar workbook “Ivrit Lakol”

Same as 3rd and 4th grades plus these additions:

  • Sentence structure
  • Introducing conversational Hebrew


Same as 5th and 6th grades plus these additions:

  • conversational Hebrew




Reading Writing Tefila - Prayer Hebrew

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