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  • We will be learning all about Mitzvot
  • These lessons will be multi-sensory and hands-on. The students will truly experience what they are thought.
  • All classes will be learning this course according to their level of comprehension, this will unite the school with the same theme
  • We will be focusing on how the Mitzvot can make us better people

Here are some examples:

Ahavat Yisroel

  • How we exhibit love towards our fellow – despite our differences
  • How can we be commanded to love someone?
  • On being part of a greater whole

Baal Tashchit – Don’t be wasteful

  • Understanding the eco – system
  • How we protect the environment?
  • Recycling
  • Humans as creators of the world

Kiddush & Havdala

  • Why we use wine for religious occasions
  • How we fulfill the ceremonies of welcoming and saying good-bye to Shabbat?
  • Reenacting the Havdala
All five senses are involved!



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